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I have a baby with Minister Phiona Nyamutoro - Eddy Kenzo

While performing for a crowd at the Comedy Store, excitement must have taken over all reason as he made these brief but yet strikingly hot revelations.

Eddy Kenzo's fans have been playing matchmaker ever since Rema left him heartbroken. Remember that awful time he cried in public? Yikes! While Rema flaunted her new doctor beau, Hamzah Ssebunya, Kenzo poured his energy into music. Fans kept suggesting new girlfriends, hoping he'd move on.

Enter Phiona Nyamutoro, a government minister who seemed like a perfect fit. Rumors flew about a romance, but Kenzo kept denying it – even though everyone knew they were secretly meeting up. He even showed support at her swearing-in ceremony, and then photos surfaced of him visiting her parents!

Well, Kenzo finally spilled the beans (in a big way) during a recent performance at Comedy Store. He stopped the music, announced he had something to tell the crowd, and then dropped a bomb: Phiona's not just his girlfriend, they have a child together! Apparently, their relationship goes way back, which makes sense considering the whole "having a kid" thing.

Now everyone's wondering, when did this all start? Was it before or after the Rema split? The plot thickens!

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